The Official Line on the LineaSF

LineaSF Update Just as yours truly got a sneak peek at The Century SF this week, another new, triangular-shaped condo building, is also taking shape. Here's the latest from Linnea SF: Delivery of Linea homes is tentatively scheduled for late Jan/Early Feb 2014 according to our contact there. How To Get In First The best [...]

How High Will Mortgage Rates Go? – Businessweek

Rates are now up almost a quarter-point from the mid-November record low of 3.31 percent, but looking into the numbers, it’s clear that I shouldn’t be worried. Mortgage rates will be going up over the next two years—but not too fast, according to the most recent forecast by the Mortgage Bankers Association. via How High [...]

Big Changes to Short Sale Practices Announced

New Lending Short Sale Standards Coming From the California Association of Realtors Thhe Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) will realign guidelines for Fannie Mae- and Freddie Mac-based short sales allowing lenders and servicers to qualify short sale borrower/buyers for a short sale quicker and easier. Here are some specific changes that are effective Nov. 1, [...]

Essential iPad utilities for realtors and consumers alike

IPad Tools that Can Help Buyers and Realtors Alike Navigate the Field A lot of my clients and folks who I meet at open houses always ask me what apps I use when I'm in the field. Realtors often ask the same type of questions too given the fact that I am the agent with [...]

Housing Exuberance Led by Shiller’s U.S. Glamorous Cities – Bloomberg

In San Francisco, [residential real estate] prices are being driven up by the soaring technology industry. In May, a record 211,400 people were employed in the city’s professional services sector, which includes computer design, an increase of 12,400 positions from a year earlier, according to the California Employment Development Department. Jobs in health care and [...]

What are Those Underwriters Doing?

Freddie/Fannie/FHA Lending Guidelines So most escrows are being held up thus delaying closings. Why? Underwriting since the housing crisis has swung the other way – almost perversely so. Underwriters will now scrutinize every transfer, dollar and cent of your down payment again and again. Underwriters will verify every link and every statement entry. Yes, all [...]