If It’s Tuesday, It’s Broker Tour Day in San Francisco — See What Us Brokers are Seeing

Recall Tuesday is when us brokers go around the city in a whirlwind tour of each other’s open houses — the speed dating of open houses. Here is the list of what we're able to see tomorrow. Remember, you’re welcome to visit the open houses too without me being there (although if someone gives you [...]

Kevin’s Pick List for Tuesday Open Houses for Broker Tour

The Speed Dating of Open Houses that is Broker Tour takes place every Tuesday. Here are a few that caught my eye: Homes of Note, Tuesday Tour, Feb 12, 2013   Open House Tuesday 2/12/13 - 10:00 to 10:15 am North Panhandle $1,349,000 - 2008-2010 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA 94115 Two Bright & Spacious units [...]

Kevin’s Picks and Updates of the Week for San Francisco Real Estate 2/2/13 Ed.

Go Niners (next week)! Go See Your Next House on Saturday or Early Sunday GO NINERS! (Bet of the Week: Niners, by 6) Hello! Happy Weekend!. Welcome to Kevin's Open House Picks of the Week — although this week I'm picking our 49ers.  Just a year ago interest rates for 30-year fixed mortgages averaged 4.18% [...]

Stop the presses: read about a great opportunity about the Castro for single-family house renovation under $1.1 million

Single-family home opportunity at 15th St. and 14th streets — great home with views space and potential for under $1.1 million You know I'd only post during the day if there was a worthwhile opportunity. And here's one I URGE you to consider as offers are due FRIDAY – It's a single-family house on 15th [...]

K.Ho’s Open House Picks of the Weekend, pt 1: Eastern 1/2 of SFO as of 11am

It looks like the hibernation is starting to break. Take a look at the stuff coming up so far. And there's still time for real estate folks to update and enter information. Up until high noon! Also, sign-up for my weekly email digest: Kevin's Open House Picks of the Week, sent each weekend where I [...]